Terms of Use

By Downloading and using clipart from clipartgo.com, you agree to following terms of use.

All clipart available on clipartgo.com has been hand-drawn on my ipad using procreate! You can be reassured that all clipart are my own original artworks.

Allowed Usage:

  1. The Clipart downloaded from clipartgo.com can be used for both personal and commercial products without any limitations on the number of uses.
  2. You are allowed to use the clipart in your commercial products without the need for additional licenses.

Prohibited Usage:

  1. Reselling the clipart ‘as is,’ either individually or in a pack, is strictly prohibited.
  2. Redistribution of the clipart commercially as your ‘own’ through altered versions is not allowed.
  3. Uploading the clipart to your own website or store as your own is prohibited.
  4. Using the clipart in an inappropriate manner, such as pairing it with disrespectful or offensive text, is not allowed.

You can create unique coloring pages by adding al least 3 or more clipart elements into you design